Fees and Insurance

FEES AND INSURANCE:  We strive to keep our fees affordable so folks can take advantage of the benefits of our care. To that end, we participate in network with these major health insurance plans:





Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield


Health Net

Horizon Healthcare of NY


No Fault

Worker’s Compensation

 In most cases, you may have a nominal in-network co-pay at each visit.


An Important Message About Managed Care

As you may know, there have been major changes in how insurance covers health care in the past decade.  Many (not all) plans have adopted a managed care type of coverage. What that means is our office must submit our records of your case to the insurance company reviewers and they pre-authorize how many visits they think your condition may require.

The job of these reviewing panels is to protect the interest of the insurance company, not yours. What they think you need is often less than what is necessary to resolve your condition. We will do our best to obtain as many per-authorized visits as we can to cover your care, but we cannot guarantee that insurance will cover all that is necessary.  We thank you for your understanding.

For those of you without insurance, our Consult and Exam fee is only $70.00, and we charge a global fee of $45.00 per visit for follow up visits. We also provide payment options, such as pre-paid discounts, financing, and reduced rates for full time students and those in hardship.